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At present, the national standard GB/T 18801-2022 "Air Purifier" has been officially released and will be implemented on May 1, 2023, replacing GB/T 18801-2015 "Air Purifier". In recent years, frequent weather problems have sparked heated discussions, and air purifiers have attracted the attention of consumers. The implementation of the new standard for air purifiers can promote healthy competition in the industry, provide consumers with better quality products, and build a healthy and comfortable indoor living environment.

New Wind Vane for the Industry

Air purifiers refer to products that can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants and effectively improve the cleanliness of indoor air.Indoor environmental pollutants and pollution sources mainly include radioactive gases, molds, viruses, particulate matter, decoration residues, second-hand smoke, etc.

The upgrading of air purifier standards is closely related to the changes in consumer demand.In recent years, consumer demand is no longer purely for smog purification, but also hopes to add other functions, such as removing gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and toluene and microbial pollutants such as bacteria and viruses, improving air quality and living standards has become a new trend in the air purification industry.

Zhao Shuang, Vice Minister of the Standards Research Department of the National Institute of Electrical Appliances, stated that "the revision of air purifier standards is to adapt to changes in consumer demand and the upgrading of new product functions.

"With the empowerment of intelligent technology and new purification technology, the product functions of air purifiers are also showing a trend of diversification and individualization, and the test methods for some new functions need to be improved.This series of changes has promoted the timely revision of air purifier standards.

For enterprises, standards are the basis and foundation for designing and producing products. If a product does not have corresponding normative standards, it is irresponsible for both the enterprise and the general public.

Liu Ning, Product Manager of Filter Development at Beijing Zhimi Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that in recent years, purifier manufacturing enterprises have designed and developed numerous new products that meet the needs of the public. Air purifiers with different working principles such as filtration, electrostatic, catalytic, plasma, adsorption, ozone, and composite have been launched into the market. In this situation, the 2015 version of the national standard for air purifiers can no longer fully meet existing needs, It needs to be revised and revised to play a normative, guiding, and exemplary role.

"As a functional product, the air purifier has always been a key spot check product of the State Administration for Market Regulation. In the past two years, the unqualified rate of air purifier products in the circulation field is relatively high, indicating the overall safety level and performance level of the product. Still needs to be improved."

Li Yi, director of the Health Appliance Testing Center of HCT, said that the international IEC 63086 air purifier performance series standards being developed also refer to many test methods in the new national standards, which is enough to prove the progressiveness of the new national standards in the world.

Enhance the leading role of standards

"The new national standard adheres to the concept of taking consumers as the center, and continuously strengthens the leading role of standards. Through scientific evaluation methods, consumers' doubts are resolved, and through the improvement of technical requirements, cons

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